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Myth Wars 2

Discussion in Gaming started by dramaaqueen, Sep 4, 2008

  1. Sep 4, 2008

    You should come chek out this amazing new mmorpg! if you have herd of myth wars 1 or played it before then you will like myth wars 2 better because it has a lot more new features as well as old ones from myth wars 1. i think they did a great job of still keeping some of the maps, but adding more of them to have a different feel of the new game! they also redesigned the male borgs, femal and male centaurs and personally i think they look a lot better now.


    There are 4 different races that you can choose from, you can be a female or male of each of these


    1. mage- is mainly the damager, it has amazing power and one of my personal favorite classes because you can do the most damage and kill things very easily if you train and work hard on your skills. but i will go into skills a lil bit later =]
    2. centaur- this class is the healer of the party. so if you like to be a support person then you will like this class a lot!
    3. human- i like this class a lot aswell because you have the non damaging skills that are still very usefull in gVg's!
    4. borg- this class is so useful when you are going against high lvl mobs/people because they have a skill called drain and it drains a certain % away, so you kill things a lot faster then you would if you didnt have a borg in your party.

    So, you know the classes of what they offer you, now how do you pick what you wants to be?!
    i will explain what skills each of these have! You have 1,2,3,4 skills. 1=can only hit one person at a time 2=can hit multiple people at once, the more you lvl it th emore you can hit and the higher the damage. 3=can only hit one person, but does more damage then the 1 skills. 4=can hit the most damage when lvled and more targets then 2.


    Female Mage- Ice, Flash, Evil, Death
    Male Mage- Fire, Flash, Evil, Dearh

    Female Centaur- Heal, Speed, Shadow, Unchaos [the name is bugged, it should be unstun]
    Male Centaur- Heal, Speed, Multishot, Purge Chaos

    Female Borg- Protect, Drain, Repel, Reflect
    Male Borg- Drain, Repel, Reflect, Enhance

    Female Human- Poison, Chaos, Hypnotize, Stun
    Male Human- Frailty, Chaos, Hypnotize, Stun

    If you want to find out what these skills do then you sould download the game and chek it out for yourself =]