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Name Stealers

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Peter, Jun 7, 2008

  1. May 27, 2008
    So Im sitting here on my bed and Taters is on our only CS-able computer
    and I hear him say "Peter is in the game!?"
    I guess someone was going around in the game as me.
    Another admin banned him for five, from what I've heard.
    To be honest, I flipped the hell out.
    I'd be pissed if I went into the server one day and there was a guy using my name
    and passing off as me as an admin.
    What do you think guys, a better punishment or what?
  2. May 26, 2008
    Well was it exactly like yours or just Peter Griffin, and was he really going around saying he was an admin? If so i say confinement for 3 years should teach him not to impersonate anyone.
  3. Feb 21, 2007
    impersonating an admin is a big punishment. It is possible he didnt know that name was an admin. But if proof is obtained, showing that he was told to change his name, or stop impersonating an admin, he can have a nice long vacation.
  4. Oct 8, 2007
    I like to give people the benifit of the doubt. I saw this peter griffin and I immediatly knew it wasn't PF peter griffin. He had no tags and his name was all in lower case.

    Since Peter Griffin is an incredibly well known name I wouldn't be suprised if someone out there was also using it as their game alias. You can't really punish someone for not knowing that their name is also the name of an admin.

    If however he is pretending to be an admin then thats a whole different ball game
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    This Peter Griffin had the [pF] tag on though.
  6. Mar 12, 2008

    EDIT: yeah, what john said. i had to edit this lol >_>

    only reason that he was insta-banned is because peter and I only have one computer as stated, and only one of us can be on one at a time.

    so if you see peter while taters is on, obviously peter is the imposter, and vice-versa
  7. May 27, 2008
    Yeah I have no problem if there is more than one Peter Griffin. Clone is right, it is an incredibly well known name, I don't mind that at all.
    As long as that person isn't using the [pF] tag, Im 100% fine with it. But this person had the tag. So I don't know.
  8. Jan 11, 2007
    To all those players who are thinking of (intentionally) impersonating a PF admin, consider this a heads-up:
    Any PF admin can find out *exactly* which admins are playing in the server by using the ma_admins command in the console. So if you are acting like an admin and wearing an admin name (or [pF] tag), we will see the truth immediately and you will get the boot.

    As a note to the admins who complain about name stealers:
    Just keep in mind that there are a lot of common CSS names in use, so it is not a surprise if someone shares your name. I would not consider it a problem if another "Mer" appeared in the server (there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). On several occasions, I have seen players in our server who have common names with admins (like Punisher).

    A player crosses the line, however, when he/she begins stating that he or she is a PF admin or making similar threats to other players. If a player adds the [pF] or [PF] admin tag, this is also crossing the line and would be considered an admin impersonation offence (we have more than enough adverts identifying [pF] tags as admin-only). Such an offender would be given a warning to not impersonate an admin followed by a kick or temp ban if necessary.
  9. Oct 27, 2007
  10. Jul 4, 2007
    Peter next time I see you in PF expect me to have the name [pF] Peter Griffin. That or Taters.... Whichever. It has the same effect. I have yet to see anyone else in the server with the name John or The_Last_Brethren.
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    Because they know the penalties for stealing John's name. >=)
  12. Mar 15, 2008

    He will shot you with his ROFLCOPTER !1!1! SOi SOI SOI
  13. Mar 15, 2008

    He will shoot you with his ROFLCOPTER !1!1! SOi SOI SOI
  14. Mar 12, 2008

    actually ive seen a John_O and a Dino_O

    some clan? maybe. who knows lol.
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    If I ever see a [HG] John in the server

    Ohhhh boy :smile: I shall ban him from life!!!!
  16. Mar 23, 2008
    i have not seen anyone with my exact name, as of yet, and i got cleared by dani of using /pF\ as my plaguefest tag, so dont bitch at me for using it if you see me in the game.


  17. Mar 12, 2008


    angry much?
  18. Feb 21, 2007
    another player was telling him not to use them, for confusion purposes. He asked Dani, and she approved. That same player also said to take my [] off too :smile:
  19. Mar 30, 2008
    made me lol :laugh:
  20. Mar 23, 2008
    yeah retslag, those brackets are for admins only!