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need help with scripts

Discussion in Help Desk started by brownieapple, Feb 2, 2009

  1. Jan 10, 2009
    okay so i improved upon a dumb little spin script.

    but everytime i load it, it says its cant be executed.

    made a file hello_world.cfg > edited it to make it do what i wanted it to do.
    i made an autoexec.cfg > wrote exec hello_world.cfg in there like your suppose to.
    joined a server i looked in console and said it couldn't be executed?
    so then i typed in console exec hello_world.cfg and it said the same thing.

    WTF ? i followed the instructions.

    help please :frown:


    well got it to work. but the exec command wont execute the cfg files. i have to actually put the commands into the autoexec.cfg
    but you should be able to execute another .cfg through the autoexec ..... ahh i just want this to work.