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New Admin Skins

Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by dipstick196, Jul 28, 2008

  1. Jul 28, 2008
    Over my entire stay on the plague fest server i have been thoroughly impressed by it's quality and it's service. But i believe that the server could do with some improvements to make more people to want to pay for admin status. The most important change that i think that can be made is to add more skins. For one, having more admins on the server would make meeting the monthly payments much easier. Also the addition of certain skins would make the server more female friendly. For example on multiple occasions i've talked to pf.kitty and pf.lilly about wanting female skins for admins. They both said that they wanted them on multiple occasions. Also multiple male admins expressed their dissatisfaction with the skins available. I think that it would improve the server in multiple ways if these skins were made readily available to admins ASAP.

    -Master Chief :lol:
    -King Leonidis
    -Iron man (i really hope that this one comes through) B)

    And for the ladies....

    -Lara Croft :wub:
    -Alex (from HL1 and HL2)
    -That elf chick for LOTR :grin:
    -and possibly some other girl.

    So if anybody out there shares the same opinion please post your support. And if you have any differnt ideas please post those as well. the main reason for posting this is because i would become a year-round admin if there were only better skins available to them. So again if you have anything helpful to add to this topic feel free to voice your opinion.
  2. May 27, 2008
    Its not about how much skins we can cram on the server, Its about the room that we have to cram skins on the server.
  3. Jul 28, 2008
    Well since you guys are getting a new server, it could be a great addition to the whole Plague Fest experience.
  4. May 27, 2008
    What new server?
  5. May 24, 2008

  6. Dec 30, 2006
    We tried adding all these cute skins before and we had to take them off. The reason behind it is because it takes away from the zombie mod feel of the game. Im not sure how much it has to begin with but when we had all these cute skins it did take away from the game in a more negative effect than positive. So any new skins would have to be carefully considered to make sure it would fit with the theme. I dont know if that makes sense. Is there anything else you would like to see improved?
  7. Jul 28, 2008
    well, if you added ANY skins to the game i think that out of my list the Master Chief would work the best. That's because in Halo 1, 2 and 3 he fight zombies so if you add him you kinda keep to the zombie astesic.
  8. Feb 21, 2007
    i dont know about master chief, but I think Alex from HL1/2 would be a great idea, as suggested in the first post.
  9. Jul 28, 2008
    Oh ya! that's because the zombies from the Half Life series are used on the server! I completely forgot about that. ya but to answer another reply Plague Fest announced that they would be getting a new server by the end of this year. So, a new server means more capacity and more speed to some new skins would be supportable.
  10. May 27, 2008
    Lmfao. Ck said cute. that cracks me the fuck up, I'm sorry.
  11. Jun 24, 2008
    Hey I think having a new female admin skin is a good idea. :thumbsup:
    We don't need a lot, I'm only requesting one female skin.

    Kitty found these, I really like them,


    and this..


    My personal favorite is this,


    We don''t need a lot but one would be nice. :smile:
    It means a lot more to a girl than a guy just
    keep in mind that we really want this. It
    won't ruin the "theme of the game" and yes they
    are all very cute, we like cute :grin:
  12. Posts
    The Nano Suit is ooglay. I have a huge package, and being a 12 year old boy...I have some penis envy >.<
  13. Jul 28, 2008
    Thank you for your suggestions Lilly. I have to agree with you on this one that the third skin is definately the best one that you found.
  14. Jul 28, 2008
    FOUND ALYX SKIN FOR YOU GUYS TO USE!!! In my opinion it looks pretty good actualy.

    the link is

  15. Jun 4, 2006
    Did someone call Dani a 12 year old boy cause of her voice.. is.. is that where that came from.. ?
  16. May 24, 2008
  17. Posts

    Actually several people have told me that I sound like a 12 year boy... I'm 30 and a woman :razz:
  18. Mar 16, 2008
    pshh, I knew dani was a woman as soon as i heard her. you should be able to tell she isn't a teen by her voice easily...
  19. Feb 21, 2007
    i really like that alex skin...I think we should add it, keep one HG supporter, and keep the nano.....i dont think 3 skins is too much, each very unique.
  20. Mar 16, 2008
    pshh cam, we could have like 5 total and not be in trouble, you saw that zombie server with like 50mb of files lol