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new map zm_an_jailbreak (good spots, fixed)link in the description

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by ssanchez, Nov 13, 2010

  1. Nov 12, 2010
    here is the information of the map:
    Map Info:
    64*64 Cubemaps
    64 spawnpoints
    Good size map
    Fixes from previous Version:
    *Moved T spawn (Outside Area)
    *Deleted 3 secrets areas (Not being used by players)
    *Added New sounds to sound room
    *Deleted shadows on props
    *Added Arrows to show player where to go (Secrets)
    *Added New lighting
    *Fixed Textures
    *Fixed all walls
    *Removed Custom textures (Lego,Kitten,Vending Machine)
    *Updated breakable wood (Takes more damage-outside)

    My link