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New Map: Zm_box_n_crates

Discussion in Completed Maps started by Hevn, Apr 9, 2021

  1. May 5, 2011
    Got another newly made.

    Name: zm_box_n_crates
    Mapper: Yahoo (aka Hevn)
    Players: 64
    Size: S/M/L

    Map Link:


    *Corner rooms were too OP, removed a few props and fixed placement of the door.
    *Pipe in the corners were not being used, replaced it with crates.
    *Secret room now has props to allow human to defend
    *Some holding spots changed slightly to allow more balanced game play.
    *Ramp push power lowered from 600 to 400

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      Hevn, Apr 9, 2021 Last edited by Hevn, May 30, 2021
    • Aug 6, 2016
      Now that looks interesting....
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      • Dec 9, 2020
        Looks great hope they toss it into rotation
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        • Dec 3, 2018
          Nice work Hevn. Looks great!
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          • May 5, 2011
            @Tony Can you update the maps to the newer version? Updated to be more balanced. Thanks!
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              Hevn, May 30, 2021 Last edited by Hevn, May 30, 2021