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Ok, some progress.

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Foxi, Jul 17, 2009

  1. Apr 9, 2009
    I've decided that I'm not a very good zm mapper (im really not xD) and am going to be mapping for gmod, since I have more fun without a purpose. Sorry :/
    After a good 3(?) months, my map is finally at the point where I've run out of ideas for it and feel it's "beta" stage'd - i.e. I want help but can say it's still in beta. :razz: I'm open to all criticism. While I hope you like the map, I will appreciate any criticism you have for the map as that is why I'm posting it now.

    Now before you download it, I want to point out the known problems with it, as I am going to fix them in the final release.
    • The bus stop has missing/dev textures. They are going to be custom textures, the dev textures look better than any other textures atm as they don't show stretching as obviously.
    • There's no way to the second garage level. An elevator will be added in the final release.
    • There's no ramp or anything on the first floor of the garage. Will be fixed later too, a bit lazy on that one. xD
    • There's a giant empty area next to T spawn. This is where I need help for ideas.
    • Fences don't fully fit. Another going-to-be-fixed
    • Some objects are hard to move.
    • 3d skybox will be added, hopefully.
    • Some textures are slightly off/missized.

    And soundscapes will be added later.

    Without any further delay:


    Cheers, all. All ideas are welcome. :grin:

    Current criticisms being addressed;
    • not enough camping spots and fixing of a few rooms that are impossible to work.
  2. Apr 9, 2007
    Any ETA on the more "Final" version?
  3. Apr 9, 2009
    Depends on what I get from this. If I get a lot of negative feedback, it could be weeks. If I get good feedback, a few days(since I have to fill up that empty spot, preferably with another building).