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Tutorial Pakrat Tutorial

Discussion in Resources & Tutorials started by terrora, Jan 2, 2010

  1. Dec 14, 2009
    This tutorial teaches you how to use pakrat, it is meant for non commercial use and so on... Hope it helps you.
    All tutorials I upload here are written by me.

    Pakrat basically allows you to add custom content to the bsp, so that others can see the files, or it can be used to take custom files from a bsp so you can use it for yourself.

    First in hammer have your custom texture applied to whatever surface, or have your custom models added.

    Then open up pakrat (download link below)
    (For pakrat to work you must have java installed)
    http://www.java.com/en/ download it here
    In the pakrat folder double click the pakrat.jar to run it.

    This will open up a menu, which then asks you to select your map vmf
    vmf files are in this directory
    program files/steam/steamapps/(username)/sourcesdkcontent/cstrike/mapsrc <---- NOTE: this directory might change from computer to computer /user to user.

    Once you have selected your map you can begin to add the custom files (sounds, textures, models and so on.)
    Click the add button to bring up a menu to select your texture files; go to this directory:
    program files/steam/steamapps/(username)/counter-strike source/cstrike/materials <-- might be different for you
    when you add a texture make sure to select both its files (vtf + vmt) you can select multiple textures by holding down the control button on your keyboard. When you have selected all the textures click "open" you will then get several popups to add them click yes or yes to all to add them to the map.

    Note: you have to add whats in a folder on its own, you can't select all the files in one folder then go to another folder and add them in the same go. You need to select all of the files you need in one folder add them then do the same for next.

    When you have finally added all your custom files go to file and click save bsp, then save it ontop of your original bsp file.

    A tip: I would suggest having hammer open at this time with your map so you can see what textures you used.

    Hope this helped

    View attachment pakrat_095.zip