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Paranoid - THE GUIDE

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by 3DG, Mar 14, 2011

  1. Feb 12, 2011
    Paranoid - THE SPAWN ZONE

    You surely will have seen the spawn zone of paranoid, a peacefull area with nice music and a zombie that can't knife you.

    In the meantime you will be able to pick a gate, TRY TO PICK A SEPERATE GATE FROM OTHERS.
    If you go alone in a gate it will lessen your chance of getting infected, might the zombie get to pick their gate.

    There are quite a few differend modes, I will list them.

    Free selection - The zombie will get out of its cage and gets to select 1 gate of humans to infect, if the zombie takes too long, he will get teleported to the middle.

    Normal with 3 spawn zones - This is the same as free selection, however, with 1 small difference.
    All humans will only have 3 spots in the maze they can spawn after the big black tunnel.

    Boss zombie - Humans will not get infected by the starting zombie, however, the starting zombie will have high speed and even higher HP.

    Bestial mode - The first zombie will be a boss zombie, HOWEVER, he will get to infect 1 group of humans. To compensate this, the humans will get to get most special weapons at the start of the maze, and spawn all together.

    Silent hill mode - This mode can be activated in 2 ways, first one is a random mode at the start, The zombie will be released on the grass and gets to infect people until the gate opens, then they are teleported to the jail. Second is to activate a secret trigger wich I am not going to ruin the secret off, you can find it by noclipping through the first maze might you really want to know. This mode will cause serveral things, 1. Pyramid head will spawn freely for a zombie to pick up. 2. All walls will get removed and the path up to the core will be blocked. 3. There will be a marking in the middle of the core room, stand on it and wait till it breaks, zombies CAN NOT GET IN, so shooting isn't really required. After the middle of the marking breaks you can fall in it and start the final chase, go to the end of the long hall and press E on the marking in the final house and tada, all zombies are dead.

    No walls mode - This can only be activated with a trigger like the one of silent hill, this will remove ALL walls from the labyrinths and will open the core barriers as you get near them.
    The top core will change in a bridge rather than 3 blocks next to each other, and the blocks WILL NOT break, the core platform will just go up so MAKE SURE you are on it.

    Massacre at buyzone - This mode will cause the zombies NOT to go to jail after all the doors open, but they will spawn directly with you in the maze, try to avoid going near the zombie to avoid infection while spawning in the maze.

    One way mode - This will be a start like massacre at buyzone, however at the maze the zombies will get pushed into a corner and humans get a slight advantage until a long chase begins, there will only be ONE way, with the exception of once at a corner of the first maze 2 doors being not blocked, both are fine to take. When going through this maze you will stumble upon serveral weapons, including the most important one of this mode the wall controller. (Will be talked about later)

    VIP mode - People get to climb up the top of a hill, first one on top becomes the VIP, he will have 4 lives, higher speed BUT will leave a trail for the zombies to hunt him, STICK WITH THE VIP AT ALL TIMES. If the VIP dies, all humans will get teleported into the white room and get killed or infected by zombies. Start like silent hill.

    Reverse mode - You will start at the coliseum and hold serveral holds and come across some weapons, it's your choice wether to pick them up but I've learned reverse is win-able without special weapons, however they can be rather useful.

    Ascension (core only) - You will have a free zombie selection mode.
    After the gates open all humans and zombies are teleported to the core wall, and they are going through an extended version of the core.
    This is at this moment the most challenging mode.

    Face to face - Same selection mode as silent hill, after the black room you will spawn near a portal but there will be no walls and all weapons, the zombies are right in front of you, get past them to the first hold to like..... hold lol

    Paranoid - First labyrinth weapons
    Weapons that spawn near portals
    Invisibility field - When used it will create a field that makes all nearby teammates fully invisible, however, their weapons will still be visibile.
    Unlimited used.

    Zombie teleporter - Once used this will create a portal that will teleport any zombie that runs into the portal back to the jail, very useful to use at the end, IT CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE, SO SAVE IT IF NOT NEEDED.
    One use

    Grenade maker - This will spawn grenades when used.
    10 grenades each round.

    Ladder carrier - This will spawn a ladder when used. This ladder will mainly act like a wall, and can be broken by knifing or shooting it.
    If you aim at it for some time it will come back to you and gets repaired.

    Zombie locator - This will start beeping once a zombie is nearby, it can help making sure barricades are defended.

    Invulnerability weapon - This will cause you to be invulnerable to stabs from zombies for a certain amount of time.
    30 seconds cooldown (guessing)

    Weapons in "Roman Rooms" (Marked on the radar with ?
    The Annahilator/Destroyer - This will kill serveral zombies, the destroyer, however is far more powerful than the annahilator. The annahilator will kill zombies in a straight line, the destroyer however will kill ANY zombies in a huge radius, don't use it if you've already secured a win or if theres not alot of zombies. WATCH OUT, this is a nade item so it can be activated by taking your knife out and RIGHT clicking your mouse.
    1 Use

    The Gravity gun - This will pick up props and throw them away, some props do damage to zombies, it can also be used to push away zombies.
    Unlimited uses.

    The builder - This can create small walls to block the zombies from taking certain paths or slowing them down, it can be broken by knifing it or shooting it.
    15 Walls if I'm not mistaken (Correct me if I am wrong.)

    The freezer - This will set the speed of all zombies that get hit by it to 0 for a small amount of time, after that all the pushback you give to the zombies will be taken by them. (They will fly away bigtime.)
    Once every 30 seconds

    The flamethrower - This will put zombies on fire for 20-30 seconds and slow them down.
    Limited fuel.

    Chainsaw - This will do heavy damage to any zombie when aiming it to him, and will also knock the zombie back.
    Unlimited use - Automatic

    Turtle launcher - This will launch turtles, they can attach to zombies and cause 100 damage per second.
    Can't have more than 2 turtles at one time in the map.(They can fire but won't attach)

    Rocket launcher - This will push zombies alot back and the rockets can bounce around corners and still hit zombies.
    Once per 5 seconds

    Weapons located at other spots

    The crow - Once picked up it will remove your armour, set your health to 100 and disarms you. Once right clicked you can fly but will get damaged 2-7 damage per second depending on how close you are to the core.

    The sprint weapon - This will double your speed for a set amount of time. (Will be disabled once silent hill is activated)
    20 seconds cooldown (NOT SURE, JUST GUESSING.)

    Gandalf staff - This will push zombies back like it does on mines of moria.
    Unknown cooldown

    Erendel light - This will make a light field zombies can't pass through, like on mount doom.
    Unknown cooldown

    Zombie weapons (I will include weapons not in the 1st lab)

    Zombie stopper - Once picked up, right click will activate it, once used it will turn you into a tree, give you godmode and won't give you knockback. Left click to turn back to normal.( HINT : Can be used to overcome the freeze of the freezer by left clicking)
    Unlimited use

    Zombie jumper - right click will let you jump very high, very nice for getting in front of humans and stabbing them.
    once per 5 seconds

    Zombie summoner - Once picked up a sign will appear in the zombie jail to teleport to the summoner, once a zombie touches it they will get teleported to the zombie summoner.
    Unlimited use

    Zombie teleporter - Once used the zombie will get teleported under the ground, he can walk undergruond without having to worry about walls.
    One time use.

    The monster - This is a giant antlion guard that is very quick and will knock out and damage all humans that get near it. It will however make a lot of sound so humans will be aware it is near.

    Giant Headcrab - This is a giant headcrab that will kill ANY humans it touches, better make sure it stays away from you.

    The titan - This guy is VERY strong, it has serveral abilities and downsides :
    - It can punch, that will kill any humans it is in range with. (Will also punch away zombies to the side and do them 250 damage)
    - It can charge and kill any humans it charges into and will gain extra speed. ( Will push zombies to the side but causes no damage to zombies)
    - It is invulnerable to knockback and to napalm grenades.
    - Once picked up your gravity will get set really high so you can't jump on barricades.
    - Once picked up you will gain lower speed, to become fast you will have to charge(Speed is only temporary).

    Pyramid head - This guy will surely kill any humans that fall behind, right click to slash with its sword, killing all humans that are in range.
    His abilities and downsides are :
    - Once the sword attack is used, ALL nearby humans will be frozen of fear, easy preys if you ask me.
    - He is invincible to regular guns and can only be affected by special weapons.
    - He is slow

    Second labyrinth weapons
    The Vulcan - This is a minigun that can be used to do damage to zombies and cause some knockback, to use it spam E on it.
    If used too long sound clips will play and eventually it will blow up killing any nearby human.
    Unlimited use but needs cooldown or will blow up.

    The dog - It is a mini version of the titan, this has 2 attacks, the punch and the charge, the punch will freeze the human and will cause less cooldown time and knocks the zombies away bigtime.
    The second one is a charge wich will cause the human to be quick and launch away any zombies getting near it.
    Unlimited use until broken by zombies.

    The slower - Simple, it slows zombies to 0.5 speed within the radius.
    1 minute cooldown.

    The singularity cannon - This will create a black hole that will pull the zombies in, after use it can be moved by aiming at a certain way with your singularity cannon.
    3 uses.
  2. Feb 12, 2011
    Navigating through the maze + core

    To get through the maze you will need to ALWAYS check the radar or see where the tower is.
    On the radar you will see a line that later on becomes an arrow, you should go to wherever that line points and you should arrive at the first hold.
    The tower is in the exact middle of the level, if you run towards it you're almost always all-right. The tower points to the north so you should be able to get to learn where certain weapons spawn.

    The second labyrinth is sometimes slightly harder, there will be certain walls that will make you unable to reach the hold, don't worry though you can simply walk around it, the best way if you're new to this is to check the signs above the glass walls, if it says X you're going the wrong way. If it shows an arrow you should go that way. The other way would be to check the radar and just walk around it, but it would require getting used to the map.

    After the wall to the core opens a big gate will open that will allow easier acces to the core, rather than the hold areas. The hold areas will break too after a bit.

    So, now you have reached the core, if you are lucky one of your teammates has found low gravity and you will be able to jump all the way up rather than just run it all. This will give you a huge advantage over zombies, if you find it please don't waste it before the wall starts opening.
    Once you go up you should come across a 35 second hold with a barrier, after this opens you will have to run up all the way and get to the core elevator, stand on it and hold it, eventually the bridge will break and the elevator will go up and you have won.
    The next round you will be either green if multiple people won, or black if only you won. (Black will result in you also getting an unlimited ammo m249 and the vulcan.)

    The endings
    Chuck norris - Kill all zombies without help, you will not be invulnerable, have handicapped zombies or anything like that, fight off zombies like a man with no advantage at all.
    Normal nuke - Name says it all, just a regular kill all zombies nuke.
    Planet ending - This will cause a giant meteor to crush the coliseum and kill all zombies. (Basically normal nuke but more fun)
    Reaper - Get disarmed and get knifes, all zombies will have 1 HP, KNIFING FUN.
    Jesus - You are untouchable and will be able to kill all frozen into spot zombies, they will not have knockback and won't move.
    Terminator - All zombies will have 1 HP, keep your guns and shoot them all to hell.
    Flamethrower - Puts the coliseum on fire and kill all zombies.
  3. Feb 12, 2011
    Reserved for tips, screenshots or anything that would help.
  4. Feb 17, 2011
    i guess its a work in progress then lol
  5. Mar 5, 2011
    It seems too plain.
  6. Feb 12, 2011
    I'm working on it, paranoid is currently the biggest single map so it kind of requires abit more work than mako reactor.
  7. Mar 14, 2011
    Great thread! Really useful, at least for me.

    PS: you forgot Ascenssion and face-to-face?
  8. Feb 12, 2011
    Added, however with "core only" I ment ascension because that is more clear.
  9. Jul 8, 2010
    I find this thread irrelevant, I was expecting lyrics to the song by Black Sabbath.
  10. Feb 12, 2011
    Yeah because it's so obvious to find lyrics in the zombie escape sub-forum. :l
  11. Feb 17, 2011
    oO damn good job dude DAMN GOOD JOB! haha
    danke wel :grin: