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=pF= <<<}{aolePino>> In Da House!!!

Discussion in Introductions started by Haole-Pino, Mar 15, 2011

  1. Nov 23, 2010
    Aloha my fellow =pF= members & friends!!!
    Over the past few months, I've been playing on the "PF Zombie Mod Servers". Since then, I've meet alot of great people on the server, and even made afew friends. So now, Plegue Fest are the only servers I play. I havent really introduced myself yet, so here it goes.....**cough**.....My real name is Dave, but most of you know me as " =pF= <<<}{aolePino>>>" (pronounce = Hau-lei-pee-no). Now, before you correct me and say "Hey, you spelled Jalapeno wrong"...It's spelled that way for a reason. I'm born & raised here in Oahu Hawaii, I'm half Caucasian, and half Filipino. Local Hawaiians call white people "Haole" and since I'm also Filipino "Pino", I just added the 2 together to create my screen name!!!

    Ok, some background on me....I been playing CS since 2003. I use to be apart of a clan known a "No Skillz Required" or ]NsR[ for short. I was a long time member, until real life caught up with me (Job, Living on my own, Car payments, ect....) so I stop playing in 2005. Afew years passed, I finished my degree in Automotive Tech. I now work for a Intertnet Company as a Senior Retail Sales Rep, and since my parents moved away in early 05, me and my buddy Ben, have been living in Pearl City Hawaii in our own bachelor pad....Last year, I bought a Desktop computer needing it for my job, I was cleaning out my old stuff and found my old steam account info on a sheet of paper. I thought, oh ya...I forgot about CS. I downloaded Steam, and started playing again. But I was quickly getting bored with the regular game play, so since I have a passion for zombies, I typed "zombie mod CSS" in google and plegue fest came up. Since then, Ive been hooked and been playing ever since.

    Well, that pretty much wraps it up. Theres alot more I can say, but I think thats good enough lol. Just remember, I'm always down to have fun on the servers, I joke around alot, but most importantly If I tell you "I wont backstab you" and I end up turning into a default zombie. For the love of christ, dont shoot me dead just to make sure I'm true to my word. Cuz if I say I wont backstab, I mean it. lol.

    See you on the Servers!!!
    Dave aka: "Pino"
    (For more info, check out my profile..Mahalo)
  2. Feb 1, 2011
    Whats up Haole!! One of the coolest cats (no, not those cats) to come around the server IMO :grin: Glad you made your way to the forums!