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Playing Sound Clips: To Ban or not to Ban?

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Rush, Mar 15, 2011

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  1. Dec 6, 2010
    ~ I think the mature playing of the occasional sound clip, does-not a bannable offense make.
    Is it against the Rules? Yes!
    Can good timing and funny clips break-up the dull moments? Also Yes!
    ~Sorry I pissed off soo many people...
  2. Mar 5, 2011
    You played your clips too many times.
    They're never fun, they're annoying.
    I muted you countless times, and you'd continue and continue, you'd think too stop.
    So yes, I do think that two hour ban should teach you a lesson.
    You're ban has expired aswell.
  3. Dec 7, 2010
    I have to support Bruno on this. Rush, I had advised you on numerous occasions that when an admin asks you to stop mic spamming your audio clip and you do not listen you are susceptible to a ban.

    This should be a good lesson to you when an admin asks, you follow the rules.
  4. Feb 15, 2011
    Personnally, I have no problem with Rush and his soundclip but Rush if an admin ask you to stop you have to because it's against the rules.
  5. Oct 27, 2010
    Some of your clips work nicely when the timing is right, but when it is not they do tend to clutter voice chat. For instance the Arnold clip is inappropriate 99.9% of the time. I would just use them sparingly if you do, and if an admin says to they don't like it I would just comply with their wishes to avoid and confrontation.
  6. Jun 4, 2006
    Off topic, but I scanned your qr code 127 and was disappointed that it didn't contain any secret message other than your name / localhost. :sad:
  7. Oct 27, 2010
    :tongue: What did you want? 42? Thanks for your help with my forum issues btw.
  8. Dec 6, 2010
    ~Well, To my credit, I do Drink ALOT!

    Also, I try and knock it off when I catch an admin msg about the whole thing & I usually respond with No-Problem, then I knock the shit off...

    I'll just resist the temptation.

  9. Mar 16, 2008
    You got lucky two months ago after I banned you for spamming clips with racism in them. I told you not to use sound clips after that only to find out that you are now.
    I will ban you if I see you using them in-game. I don't care if you're drunk or not.
  10. Dec 6, 2010
    ~It's funny I haven't seen Tazland ring-in. You have to admit that on a few occasions I have cracked each and every one of you up at least one time. Also: Most of the time I IMMIEDIATELY Stop when you tell me to. Other times I am trying to get the 12-year-olds to quit their own mic-spamming cause you won't mute them...

    I bring plenty of respect for admins at the same time, so I am not trying to flame the house here or anything, but nobodys perfect, take Chodda for example [lol]
  11. Mar 5, 2011
    Then why didn't you stop when I muted your multiple times?
  12. Apr 9, 2007
    You've been told multiple times this is against the rules. If you continue, you will not be welcome back.

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