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Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by OnceHipJR, Mar 13, 2008

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    Please please please please
    For the love of god
    Can we please get some new maps?
  2. Oct 27, 2007
    i second that!
  3. Dec 30, 2006
    Well since next week is spring break for me..i'll add on new maps. Find some and add me on xfire or w/e and i'll upload them.

    Btw, kyle/cam i need access to the fastdl server :razz:
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    Other priorities first...

    As soon as I fix the server lag, I promise I will dedicate some time for new maps.
  5. Mar 12, 2008
    I third this ^_^ when you have time, of course.
  6. Dec 7, 2007
    I fourth this lol when the time is good...........and please please get rid of nippers....its the worst map ever lol.

    GG Deth_Klok
  7. Dec 30, 2006
    Ill hold cam to it!!! :smile:
  8. Jun 4, 2006
    gee get off his ass let the guy enjoy his spring break.
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    It's not until the end ofnext week for me.
  10. Oct 27, 2007
    WHAT?!?!?! thats the best map on the server.
  11. Mar 12, 2008

    i was nice about it :frown: lol any new maps would do, though. roy_the_ship is getting old :razz:
  12. Jan 17, 2008
    hay hay hay its not my falt i have a great new map and its all waiting on ck hes sapost to test it :wallbash:
  13. Feb 21, 2007
    quiting complaining, and find some useful maps to add on.
  14. Apr 9, 2007
    Added the 4 maps that John gave me.
  15. Feb 21, 2007
    tried out am_end and zm_wtfhax. Punisher was on as well....Ppl liked wtfhax...but it seemed a lil laggy...and it seemed like most of the server didnt like end.
  16. Apr 9, 2007
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    Dude, don't blame me.

    Ck, and I, and other people who felt the neeme on Hamachi approved it. Which is like 2-4 people enjoyed the map. Forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgive me oh great master of the bater, if one map sucketh the ass. Haha.

    I don't see anybody else jumping the gun to get on Hamachi and going over maps with me. -_-
  18. Oct 27, 2007
    yeah zm_end is not fun at all. it laggs and its to tight of a map for a 42 slot server or even for the new one 64 slot? we couldnt possibly have fun on that map with so many people considering of how tight spaced the hallway's are

    and wtf_hax is ok. but its a human favoured map. like when you go under ground they can shoot through these boxes and make theyre way to the top and yeah basicly shoot all boxes around and under them. which leads to zombies having NO chance of survival against the humans in that spot.

    and canyon. my god that is the worst map ever
  19. Apr 9, 2007
    Whats wrong with Canyon? :shock:

    John I'm sorry I Judged you.