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Post your comp's specs

Discussion in Hardware Hangout started by secprotocol, Jan 16, 2007

  1. Dec 30, 2006
    Post your comp's specs here.
    Built my own Comp...check the page 3

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    • Jan 7, 2007
      dell xps 410

      core 2 duo 2.1

      2gigs ddr2

      nivida 7950 gx2 powerhouse (RAWR)

      this rig laughs in the face of the source engin, kickes it in the shin and taunts it, asking if its had enugh lulz
    • Jan 11, 2007
      Here's straight off my invoice:

      1 x AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Dual Core Processor S939 Toledo 2.4GHz 1MBX2 90NM Retail Box
      I wish I had made the extra investment for a FX - series processor -- currently, my processor is the choke-point...can we say overclock?
      1 x Microsoft Windows XP Professional OEM
      1 x ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe ATX S939 NFORCE4 SLI X16 DDR 2PCI-E16 SATA2 RAID Sound 2GBLAN 1394 Motherboard
      1 x Antec P180 ATX Advanced Mid Tower Aluminum Case 4X5.25 1X3.5 6X3.5INT No PS W/ USB & Audio Ports
      1 x OCZ Gold EL PC4000 2GB 2X1GB DDR500 CL3-4-4-8 184PIN DIMM Dual Channel Memory Kit W/ Ramsink
      Currently the headache on my computer. I got some faulty RAM... it's currently getting replaced.
      1 x Samsung SyncMaster 214T 21.3IN Silver LCD 1600X1200 900:1 8MS 0.27MM VGA DVI Black Monitor[/b]
      2 x Western Digital Raptor 150GB SATA 10KRPM 16MB NCQ 5YR MFR Warranty Hard Drive
      Sadly, I didn't set them up in a RAID
      1 x EVGA GeForce 7950 GX2 500MHZ Dual GPU Video Card 1GB 1.2GHZ GDDR3 PCI-E Dual DVI-I HDTV
      Can we say 'kick-ass' performance?
      1 x Fortron FSP Epsilon FX600-GLN 600W ATXV2 20/24PIN Power Supply SLI Ready W/ 120MM Fan Retail
      1 x Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Music 24BIT Sound Card
      1 x Samsung SH-W162 16X DVD+-RW 5X Dual Layer DVD Writer Black /W SW OEM
      1 x Saitek Backlit Executive USB Silver Keyboard Black Keys W/ Blue Backlight
      1 x Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical USB/PS2 OEM
      1 x Creative Inspire T3000 2.1 Speakers System 29W RMS Black

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      Current PC:

      P4 @ 2.4GHz
      1GB Corsair PC3200 RAM
      1x 40GB Maxtor, 1x 120GB Seagate HDD
      GeForce 6200
      225Watt PSU (My PSU is barely keeping up with all these parts)
      15MBit down, 1MBit up connection

      Upcoming PC:

      Intel Quad Core QX6700
      4x 150GB WD 10,000RPM SATA HDD's
      4GB PC8000 Corsair RAM
      2x GeForce 8800GTX's in SLi
      24in. Widescreen Monitor.
      Creative labs X-FI
      Some sort of 7.1 surround sound setup.
    • Jan 11, 2007

      Holy shit! Can I have one too?
    • Dec 30, 2006
      man.......you guys and ur rich ass comps...........i'll take any donations :grin: cuz all i got is a freakin mid tower case under my bed..... <_<
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      AMD 4400+ Dual Core
      2GB Ram

      and stuff.
    • Feb 1, 2007
      That new computer is nearly identical to the one I am getting - except my monitor will be the 27" HDTV in my bedroom (It is great having a job while at school (No TAX)).

      At the minute I am sitting on:

      250Gb HDD @ 7200RPM
      2 Gb Ultra-Low-Latency GeIL RAM
      A GeForce 7600 GT 512VRAM
      19" Flat screen
    • Feb 7, 2007
      Dell XPS 700
      CPU: Intel Core2 Duo processor E6600
      Video: 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2
      RAM: 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz
      2 250 GB Samsung Harddrive
      UltraSharp 20.1 inch Flat Panel Monitor
      Two 12" Sony Xplod Subs (Love Bass)
      Western Digital 250GB External Hard Drive
    • Feb 12, 2007
      Finaly got $9000 to fork over for the best gaming PC i could ever ask for :lol: , here it is:
      Voodoo OMEN a:221
      Voodoo AMD Quad FX SLI Motherboard
      Voodoo Stealth 1000 Watt Modular Silent Power Supp
      2 x AMD Athlon 64 FX74
      Voodoo OMEN Supercharged Intercooler
      Blue Voodoo super coolant
      4GB 8500C5 DDR2
      500 GB Hitachi SATA 7200 RPM SATA
      LiteOn 52-32-52 CD-RW
      2 x NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX 768 MB Liquid Cooled
      Creative Labs X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS with Breakout box
      Ageia PhysX Card
      Windows Vista Ultimate.
      Ive waited so long to finaly have enough for this thing, took me 2 years of savings.

    • Dec 30, 2006
      Psh..........my comp pwns you all......me and my P4 and my 6200 PCI video card...
      Boo YA! :razz:
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      I could build that VooDoo machine for less than half the price they're charging, jesus christ
    • Feb 1, 2007
      What is this lightscribe shit? I saw it on the DVD RW I was going to buy for my new computer but it doesn't seem to do a lot other than add $10 to the price.

      Also my *updated* provisional upgrade:

      Intel Quadro pro @ 2.4GHz
      Intel D975XBX2 Motherboard
      2x Corsair Twin2x2048-6400C4
      OcUK Nvidia 8800GTX (768Mb VRAM)
      Any optical drive I can find for cheap
      Zalman CNP9700 Fan
      Enermax Galaxy 1000W PSU
      Antec 900 Gaming Case (loads of built in fans / and sockets for more)

      Also I will be using my current 27" HDTV as the monitor, my Logitech G15 and a random wireless laser mouse.

      All of this comes to:
      £1 678
      $3 271
    • Feb 7, 2007
      $9000 For A PC, Well Its Your Money I Hope You Be Happy With It
    • May 7, 2007
      motherboard GIGABYTE i-DNA geforce model# GA-K8N51GMF-RH
      Athlon 3000+ 2260Mhz
      Geforce 7900gs
      Sound Blaster Audigy Le
      150 Giga Hard drive
      1 Giga Ram
      300 Watts power supply
      windows xp
    • Feb 1, 2007
      Also, I updated my list.

      Intel Quadro pro @ 2.4GHz
      Intel D975XBX2 Motherboard
      2x Corsair Twin2x4096-6400C5 98Gb RAM)
      Nvidia 8800GTX (768Mb VRAM) / R600 / 8900
      Any optical drive I can find for cheap
      Enermax Galaxy 1000W PSU
      Antec 900 Gaming Case (+ 6 120mm fans and one 200mm)
    • Mar 23, 2007
      All I know is that If I were to pay over $5,000 for a comp I would definitely have to be able to drive it, its madness I tell ya lol
    • Apr 28, 2007
      Core 2 Duo E6600
      4x512mb Corsair DDR2 667 RAM
      550w Cooler Master PSU
      eVGA 7950 GT KO
      Gigabyte GA-965-DS3 Motherboard
      22" Viewsonic Monitor
      1 320 GB Western Digital HDD
      Pioneer DVR-111DBK CD/DVD R/W

      yada, yada, yada.
    • Apr 9, 2007
      Manufacturer: Generic Computers
      Processor: Intel 3.0 ghz 64 bit hyper threading
      Memory: 1gb kingston value ram
      Hard Drive: 500 Seagate S-ATAII
      Video Card: Asus Nvidia 6200
      Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 931BW
      Sound Card: intgrated sound card
      Speakers/Headphones: ZX-75
      Keyboard: Some stock one from china town.....
      Mouse: Logitech G5
      Mouse Surface: The peanuts gang mouse pad
      Operating System: Windows XP Corporate Edition/ Vista (once in a while) / Linux Suse 10.2 / Apple Mac OS X 10.5 WWDC Leopard a466
    • Jun 29, 2007
      AMD opteron S939 165 - can reach 2.5 but stays at 1.9 -2.1 wont be stable at 2.0 oddly/
      2 gb ram
      7950 gt 512 mb 512 bit gddr3
      250 x 2 seagtes 7200.10
      Logitech MX 512
      saitek eclipse II KB