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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Oblivion, Dec 20, 2007

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    I was wondering if people in the server might be intrested in doing a raffle to help raise money for getting a better server which will provide a better playing experiance. I currently have a geforce xfx 8500 gt 512mb vid card that i have had for about 1 month. I would be more then willing to put it up for the raffle for the server. I was considering who ever wanted to get in would pay through pay pal 5 dollars to put ur name in the raffle. You can even have the option to put ur name in more then once if you buy more then one ticket. I orginally bought the card for around 160 and it supports direct x 10. After a random pick of who ever entered the raffle we would spend part of the money for shipping and handling and the rest of the money would go back into the server.

    Just a thought nothing is set in stone its not the best graphics card but it might be better then what you have not to mention one lucky person could get a pretty much brandnew video card for 5 dollars.

    Let me know if any one thinks this is a good idea and maybe we can get it spun up. So people please give me some feed back on this topic
  2. Apr 9, 2007
    We would need a minimum number of tickets sold, however if you are willing to put it up that would be more then awsome :thumbsup:
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    Yeah i would be willing to put it up no matter how many tickets we sold i would have no problem letting the card go.