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Recover Windows Xp incase of Unforscene problems

Discussion in Tutorials started by Kyle, Jul 2, 2007

  1. Apr 9, 2007
    I decided to make this tut incase you know "Stuff" happens.
    1) Find the damn windows cd/dvd where ever u put it
    2)Still Looking....
    3) Ah Found it
    4) turn on your computer
    5) open the cd/dvd tray and pop in the cd/dvd of WindowsXP
    6) Press any Key To Boot Off Cd... (Press a key)
    7) Wait for the cd/dvd to finish loading all of its drivers so you install goes smoothly
    8) press R for recovery.
    9) Type in ur administrator Password
    10) Select The Drive To recover
    11) Wait For It To Complete
    12) make a sandwich or coffee
    13) Ah its done
    14) restart ur computer manually
    15) take the cd/dvd out
    16) ur comp should boot (IT MAY BE SCREWED OVER But it will run)
    17) Thank Kyle For the nice little tut.
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    • Jun 29, 2007
      OR use backtrack slackware ~Linux distro aimed at XP recovery
    • Jan 17, 2008
      wtf r u talking about rain? lol
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      Place the cd/dvd of windows in your cd/dvd rom
      Restart your PC
      Press a button when it says press any key to load from CD..
      Press R for recovery
      Select your version of windows
      (Usually pressing 1 then enter)
      Type administrator password
      Type "Format C:"
      Press enter
      Press Y
      Press enter

      TY for listening.
    • Apr 9, 2007
      Oh that's recovery... lol
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      Hey, when you gots problems. That's a simple solution. Haha.
    • Jan 17, 2008
      will it work if u do it because a virus came with the porn u downloaded?
    • Jan 22, 2007
      Are you asking from personal experience?

      If so, I believe it's illegal for minors to partake in said activity.