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Discussion in Admin Abuse started by =816P=Bloodshed, Feb 7, 2010

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  1. Feb 7, 2010
    Retslag1 - Well this is how it started we were all playing around bluescreenbandit said something about terrorists and thats my race ,but I'm also white so I said cracker. So I got kicked understood. But then I said why did I and I told him I was white. Then I got muted. And then some other kids say Honkey and Cracker and nothing at all happens to them even though it was in plain view of the admin. So next game I'm saying how thats unfair then he mutes me again and says you shouldn't be doing that stuff and I was like understood but you kick and mute me. But nobody else. And I thought couldn't that be taken as racism? Also it really pissed me off that it happened to no one else that said anything so that made me argue back a little more and you can look this up in the chat log if needed to look at all this stuff. Sorry for language
  2. Feb 21, 2007
    let me give the recall of how it happened (his is fairly accurate)

    petar was on for most of it.

    convo took place partly over mic, and partly over chat

    Bloodshed: something about stfu cracker

    Rets: No racial slurs...kick bloodshed

    Blood: comes back, why u kick me

    rets: for racial slurs, no more plz

    blood: continues to inquire as to why i did not kick the other guy using racial slurs (terrorist is a non racial term used to decsribe someone who causes terror)

    rets: i tell him no one else used racial slurs when he was using them

    blood: he continues to try to debate how i am being racist by kicking him and such.

    rets: i tell him to drop the subject

    blood; continues on with the whole racial issue

    rets: i mute, but he can still type

    blood: continues to type about me being racist for not kicking others (i only heard him say "cracker"

    rets: ask blood again to drop it. he does not, and ends up gag+mute

    blood: says hes filing a complaint.

    I heard no one else say any other racial slurs, and i even warned serveral times after he did it, for no more racial slurs. I only heard 'cracker" from bloodshed. he failed to drop the subject when I asked multiple times. And he continued to try to press on how I am racist for muting him, when he is white, so its ok for him to say "cracker", and whatever else he said.

    After being gag+muted for about 5 min, he was subsequently ungag+unmuted by petar, and no further problems ensued.
  3. Apr 4, 2009
    Ive seen the same stuff from bloodshed as well.... and hes been warned before this, I was in game at the time (afk) and I do have the chat. Your lucky it was ret and not me cause I would of banned you.

    Note: If you don't want to waste your time Bloodshed fails.

    [SourceMod] [PF] retslag1: Kicked =816P=Bloodshed
    [¤*§ûρзя §äìýąň*¤] : WHY did u kick him?
    Cursing In Braille HAMBURGLAR : discrimination
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: for attempting to be racist
    [¤*§ûρзя §äìýąň*¤] : o
    [¤*§ûρзя §äìýąň*¤] : lol
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: yes u will
    Cursing In Braille HAMBURGLAR : As a "Cracker" I feel Offened
    [SourceMod] [PF] retslag1: Muted =816P=Bloodshed.
    Killer Llama : i thought racism was accepted in counterstike
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: shut up u retard
    [¤*§ûρзя §äìýąň*¤] : Dont be rasciesed
    Cursing In Braille HAMBURGLAR : not this server
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: and dont spout racial slurs
    =816P=Bloodshed : hmmmm so you mute me no reason
    =816P=Bloodshed : and kick me when im white?

    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: i mute for u trying to be a retard
    =816P=Bloodshed : and only do that to me
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: andi kick for u spouting racial slurs
    =816P=Bloodshed : being racist to myself?
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: no ur spouting off racial slurs...plain and simple
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: dont do it...anyone
    =816P=Bloodshed : anymore you mean?
    =816P=Bloodshed : !zmenu
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: anyone, or anymore
    =816P=Bloodshed : but how can i be muted when myself is white
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: listen, dont use racial sliurs
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: i dont give a shit what u are
    =816P=Bloodshed : hey comon cant we be friends
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: if this is still a problem with u, u can be muted and scream all ur slurs u want
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: now drop it
    =816P=Bloodshed : wow you mute me but no one else
    =816P=Bloodshed : what is this
    =pf= PB&J [Team Team] : racism
    =816P=Bloodshed : lol
    =816P=Bloodshed : maybe its because im a terriorist?
    =816P=Bloodshed : cant even spell it lol
    [SourceMod] [PF] retslag1: Muted =816P=Bloodshed.
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: i fixed that problem
    =816P=Bloodshed : rofl
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: since u cant be quiet about it, u can be muted
    (ADMIN Only) [PF] retslag1: all he is trying to do is to be a "internet tough guy"
    =816P=Bloodshed : whats the website for this server/
    =816P=Bloodshed : ?
    (Admin) [PF]Peter Griffin: plaguefest.com
    (Admin) [PF]Peter Griffin: gg
    =816P=Bloodshed : nah
    =pF=BluescreenBandit[TEAM GOTH] : GL
    =816P=Bloodshed : just an appeal
    =816P=Bloodshed : which wont be very hard
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: i'm not bannig anyone
    =816P=Bloodshed : who said ban?
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: i am just stopping you from making a mistake
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: i told u to not use racial slurs
    =816P=Bloodshed : i know you wont because then
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: and u woint
    =816P=Bloodshed : i didnt rofl
    =816P=Bloodshed : and like 3 other people did
    =816P=Bloodshed : and no else got muted or kicked
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: just drop it
    =816P=Bloodshed : so how is that fair for me?
    [SourceMod] [PF]Peter Griffin: Gagged =816P=Bloodshed.
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: i kick anyone who uses racial slurs
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: u where the only one at that time that did
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: period.
    (Admin) [PF] retslag1: well now he is gaged and muted
  4. Feb 7, 2010

    ummm Cursing In Braille HAMBURGLAR : As a "Cracker" I feel Offened do you see the word cracker?

    and wheres the msg of pb&j saying honkey? huh your trying to say you would bann me for that? when you didnt even put all the msgs in there lol
  5. Apr 4, 2009
    I deleted everything but you two talking unless it counted for this abuse thread, if rets was already dealing with you "you took to much attention" he was not obligated to deal with him period. That is just like saying people are spamming the mic and he can only pick one out of the 5 that were doing it, its obvious he was busy typing to you.
  6. Feb 7, 2010
    but I wasn't talking at that point because im pretty sure i was muted and gagged so how was i taking up to much attetion?
  7. Sep 21, 2008
    Haplo has a good point in his earlier post as arguing with an admin can warrant a temporary ban, and racism itself can result in a permanent ban. Plaguefest has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racism. You got off light.
  8. Feb 7, 2010
    Okay if I get banned I understand ,but if neither of the others do then it's just straight unfair.
  9. Apr 4, 2009
    You were still "typing" during it and getting responses back you didn't get gagged till the end.
  10. Feb 7, 2010
    okay then tell me what time distance was between me talking and pb&j's saying of the word honkey then ill shut up about it and please dont change time if i am right.
  11. Jan 13, 2010
    Rets adman aboose???? I really don't see why pple need to make a big deal about this, you click "ok" when you join the server, you agree to abide by our rules. If there are any conflicts such as racial slurs that aren't obvious the judgement on them is at the admins discretion REGARDLESS of all circumstances whether you're white, black, hispanic, w/e. So Rets dubbed "cracker" to be racist and kicked you. Like Haplo said you're lucky it wasn't someone else that would have banned you. The last thing you want to do is argue about it. He even explained to you why you were kicked upon request, which I know some admins won't do, a simple apology would have been sufficient and the problem would of ended right there.
  12. Apr 4, 2009
    I don't have the game open and you're not getting a response on it even if I did this is a abuse thread on a admin not a player complaint, if you can provide proof against pb&j and you post it in the right section then maybe it will be taken care of.

    Clearly not abuse.
  13. Dec 30, 2006
    Nothing is fair in this world called Earth. Be lucky rets has a kind soul and let you pass with a simple kick. After reading this I was going to drop a hammer on you.

    You're lucky the super bowl just finished and I ate my ass off, so i'm in a pretty good mood.
  14. Apr 9, 2007
    I bet on the Saints so I'm in a delightful mood. Also Retslag is an absolute Jerk who gagged a little girl :frown:

    Thank you Haplo :thumbsup:
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