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SCIFZOMBIE up in here

Discussion in Introductions started by Mike LOL, Jun 4, 2018

  1. May 28, 2017
    Whats up yall, SCIFZOMBIE in the house

    Signed up on here a year ago, never logged in though. So I did now, am saying hello, and about to purchase my admin sub

    Anyway, look forward to seeing you folks on the server... and infecting you, since I am a perpetual brain dawg
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    • Jul 14, 2010
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      • May 28, 2017
        Thank ya sir, appreciate it :beer:

        Reading the instructions/rules now, and going to sign up today! And thanks for the discord link, will certainly check it out too
      • Dec 29, 2016
        No one likes you
      • Jul 27, 2008
        I liek em. :zombiekiller:
      • Aug 6, 2016
        Seems like a pretty good guy to me...
      • Feb 1, 2011
        welcome to THUNDERDOME!!!