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Sport Stories

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Clam Chowder, Feb 13, 2011

  1. Nov 29, 2010
    Alright, so I love airsoft. Very similar to paintball but a shitload more realistic. I usually snipe using a simulated bolt action airsoft sniper rifle that's up for rent,. 500 fps with heavy weight bb's hurt more than what paintball gives.

    Sniping is rare in airsoft, though incredibly rewarding. Usually people just jury-rig their airsoft guns to have a huge barrel and a long range scope, but wind up spraying bb's all over the place.

    Just before a round I see a Canadian forces jeep pull up and a bunch of guys armed with replica C7 rifles come out and show their ID to the Supervisor and they get to play for free (daang)

    was a small game, 20 vs 21

    The field we were playing on was huge, it was split in half with trees, one was an urban environment, the other side was a wide open field. Feeling sick that day I just wanted the field, so my friend and i get there and start scrapping toether moss, branches and leaves along with string we brought and made ourselves some ghillie suits and covered our rentals with leaves and branches. We found a lookout that was under a lot of ferns but high enough to see a good majority of the field and tree line a perfect spot.

    Lying prone watching an open field with a friend as my spotter, lying there waiting for them to pop out. and seeing the occassional streak of bb's flying across the field and seeing the odd head pop up and seeing my team mates cross through the thick grass, then out of the tree line, I spot a little glint. Zooming in a little further I notice it was someone's safety visor so I take aim and steadily squeeze the trigger, my lungs empty and my body still as a rock. My gillie suit made of sticks branches all tied to my body made things a little easier as I use them to brace my body in key spots, my partner and I were invisible. The trigger eventually clicks and the sound of the spring and gas ejecting the pellet was all I heard. And staring at the orange blur as it made it's way towards it's target in seconds

    Missed, miscalculated the crosswind, pellet hit a rotten stump a meter away from my target.

    quickly cranked the bolt and took aim once again, compensating the crosswind, looking for references, steadied my beathing, and slowly squeezed the trigger. Fired. I hear a report, the sound of plastic hitting plastic really hard, I must've hit his gun, so I took aim again, but the man raised his hand and yelled "hit" and walked off.

    A few seconds later, I see movement inside the bushes a few feet away from my last kill, wind.

    My partner then says through his binoculars, "Hey, do you see those two by the tower?" Pulled my scope to them and see that they're making their way towards my location. Playing realism I know my mag can only hold 10 rounds and I'm carrying 5 more mags, there isn't a problem. Quickly lined one up, took a shot. Headshot, I see one's head recoil slightly and hit the dirt in pain (Not wearing enough head protection) and walks away and the other ducks into the grass where I can barely see him from my overlook.

    I attempt to line up the second on and prepare to fire when suddenly I hear a crack! someone was close. I slowly get up and see someone got past me, (Funny enough there was army training there and they were wearing this crazy camo that just messes with your eyes) So I see one of the army guys there and I steadily approach him with my sidearm out and my friend at my rifle. I also drew my rubber knife (Brought one just for the lulz) Trying my best not to make noise. Suddenly I dash at him 5 feet away, wrap my hand around his mouth with my rubber knife already on his chest "Shh sh shh" just did that for fun, when he realized that he was out he turned around, gave me a handshake and laughed. Felt proud for taking out a guy from the army because those guys are so fuckin hard to take out.

    I go back to my overwatch and I give my friend the go ahead to fire, The sound of the airsoft rifle goes off and a second later "Hit!" someone gets up from the grass and leaves. I told my friend about my takedown and he chucked a little and high-fived me discreetly.

    My friend peers back through his binocs as I'm panning the field for people hiding in the tall grass. "Hey, person behind that tree, another 2 behind that log, you see them?" I panned my scope over to them and adjusted the zoom. "I'm gonna aim for the one behind the tree" Pulled the bolt once again, checked my breathing and steadied my entire body (Whoever said sniping was easy, serously can go screw themselves because you're doing a ton to keep yourself steady) Fired, arm hit, person yells out.

    Suddenly the two from under the log get up and start spraying pellets at our general direction, high cap mags and just spraying like no tomorrow. Took aim at one and quickly pulled the trigger, hit the log. suddenly, one of my team mates walk up behind them and give them a mercy call. Both raised their hands and walked out.

    Afterwards the field was totally empty with nobody coming through (sadface) so we just sat there for the rest of the round just popping shots at random.

    When the round was over (Around 10-15 minutes) The guy i shot first was showing off his safety glasses to his buddies and it was broken in half at the bridge and telling them how he got sniped. Looking over there's another guy on the bench with an icepack on his head, I walked up to him and gave him a handshake. When the soldiers approached me, they gave me a handshake, laughed and told me. "Never have we ever heard of someone actually managing to take out one of us like that". Another said. "You know what, you should join the army and become a sniper" After a couple of jokes and explaining my side of the story, the soldiers were really cool guys, The guy I took down was Scott, had a fun time talking to them as we walked over to the next arena.

    Later that day, they hosted a huge event, went over to the beaches and rigged a bunch of boats with plexiglass shields in front of them and had about 20-30 boats that could hold 5 -6 people. Reinacted a huge beach landing, 75 vs 75 people.

    This may sound like bullshit to you, but you can believe what you want. =)