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SquadZ: Reborn

Discussion in Future Servers started by Kyro, Aug 20, 2021

  1. Apr 26, 2015
    Howdy nerds.

    So just as an idea I'd thought I'd drop is the SquadZ: Reborn mod for Squad. Squad normally is a Milsim filled with want to be war vet autists, however more recently the Devs of Squad have been helping modding more on the game and letting custom modded games now be in the regular server browser other than custom servers.

    The mod itself is pretty simple. Server allows 100 players max, which is balanced at the beginning to 17% zombies and 83% humans. Humans goal is to either live for the duration of the match, or to complete objectives during the match. Generally, the goal is to protect the Radio which serves as the main base from the zombies. Humans get limited ammo, around 500 to start with and 50,000 build to build a base around the radio to protect from the zombies. There's a few classes of zombies as well.

    Runners: big speed
    jumpers: big jump
    IEZ: suicide bomb that when detonated can kill humans and damage emplacements
    smokers: spits a smoke bomb that damages emplacements and humans, additionally detonates again on death,
    tank: big health
    hunter: can locate humans across the map

    The mod is made by JJ, whose the sole dev of it and is also looking for some help. The mod currently has over 40,000 subs.

    I think if there were a server to be made, now isn't a bad time as the main server which ran it came under fire from the community over some really questionable administrators, and players left to another one which is hosted in the UK so the hours are all fucky right now.

    Heres a video about the mod, and the discord link to the mod.


    via https://youtu.be/H55E1jKCSwM
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    • Dec 17, 2007
      You're still alive?
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      • Mar 26, 2012
        The graphics reminds me of DayZ.