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Surprise's Guide to Admin/Donator Cancellation

Discussion in Admin Subscriptions started by Chakurakid, Jan 6, 2011

  1. Mar 13, 2010
    So I had some problems with transferring over to the new sub system and getting admin up and working again. So here is my guide to help you do that if that's the issue or if you just feel the need to not be an admin or donator anymore: (obviously afterward you will need to resub if you want to get your admin skillz back)

    Step 1: Log into paypal.
    Step 2: Make sure you're on your 'Overview' page.
    Step 3: Hover your mouse over 'Profile' til the window shows up.
    Step 4: Click on 'More Options'.
    Step 5: Click the "My Money" tab on the left
    Step 6: You should see "My pre-approved payments as the fourth option down now on the right. Click "Update".
    Step 7: On the next page you should see a payment to Plaguefest. If you dont, change the "Filter Status by:" drop down box to say all.
    Step 8: Click on the payment to Plaguefest.
    Step 9: Scroll to the very bottom and click Cancel Subscription.
    Step 9b: Confirm Cancelling your Subscription.

    You have now canceled your sub to plaguefest donator/adminship you silly bitch. :smile:

    ***Please note this only works if you have a Personal paypal account and not a merchant one. I don't know how the that merchant one works.***

    Hope this helps!

    Your friendly neighborhood Buttsechs-er.

    Edited for the updated way paypal now has their menu options set up. Thanks to LastxShot for bringing this to my attention.