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The Real Gingerbread Man [pF] - ABUSING ONLY ME

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Keddybear, Jun 5, 2010

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  1. Jun 5, 2010
    The Real Gingerbread Man i've known to be a great admin that respects all rules.

    but recently hes been getting on my nerves.

    I came to the plaguefest server a while ago with a different name and Gingerbread was the only one who ever helped me.

    BUT, heres where his abusing comes in.

    Last week in zm_wtfhax. i was asking all admins in admin chat if those invisible ledges ontop of the roof of the building is an illegal spot since it wasnt posted on the motd and Gingerbread just slaps me, sets me on fire, and kicks me. (you can check the logs if you want since i lost the screenies for this in a computer reformat.)

    HOWEVER, tonight heres where the hard evidence comes in.

    in zm_idm_hauntedhouse (v2 or whatever). i was in the Dog House spot, which is not a crouch spot. Gingerbread Froze me (and i guess it disarmed me because after he unfroze me i had no weapons) and asked me to move forward to ensure that it wasn't. and Indeed i did not have to crouch at all to leave the Dog House. And i guess he got mad that i was right and proved him wrong so he called me a racist remark (the n word) which i was very surprised to hear and even admits to slapping me off places he shouldn't



  2. Jun 5, 2010
    Also. (sorry for double posting). He was the only admin online and he messed up on a command to kick me and Mass Kicked the whole server. He then blamed this on another admin that no one even saw playing

    if you dont believe me check your logs.

    Gingerbread was cool at first. but im sick of him taking out his anger on me and whoever else he does this to
  3. Dec 7, 2009
    Finally i get a admin abuse thread. doghouse is illegal. read the rules. also i dont remember slapping, burning, and kicking. i dont have that much time to mess with people so at worst in your senario i woulda just kicked you. but i dont remember doing anything and you dont have proof so it doesnt matter. i came back under a different name? i just came back from a 2 month break last week and i have only used gingerbread.

    go be a douche somewhere else.
  4. Jun 5, 2010

    i said im the one who came back with a different name. if your not gonna bother to read everything then dont bother posting at all. Also i couldn't find the doghouse in the motd. Why cant you warn players before freezing them or kicking them? you dont say anything at all..

    and we'll see what happens when they check the logs. i have the screenie where you called me a n-word and admitted to slapping me off random ledges. so i'm done here until Justice is served.
  5. Dec 7, 2009
    haha. just saw the remark about me calling you the n word? i dont have a mic. how is that possible then? you just sank your ship boy.

    for everyone that always asked why i didnt use a mic this is a prime example. also i dont get so worked up and just yell but thats neither here nor there
  6. Jun 5, 2010

    seriously. dont even bother posting if you dont read the entire thread. the screenshot is at the bottom where you typed it to me. not voice chatted it to me.

    EDIT: i'll put the actual image with the link incase there are anymore idiots like you here.


    EDIT #2: the image. you called me the n-word at the bottom

  7. May 27, 2008
    QQ the fuck moar and just get on with your life.
  8. Apr 9, 2007
    What the hell?
  9. May 31, 2008
    snap son its getting hot in here.
  10. Jun 5, 2010

    Spend $15 a month to fuck with people on a cs server? nice life.

    stop being biased and look at the evidence and logs.
  11. May 27, 2008
    It's the best life I have. If an admin says a spot is illegal, you move. You don't ask questions. Read the logs, and it was another admin that did it by mistake. So far you're 0/2.
  12. Dec 7, 2009

    per kyle and haplo

    i cleaned it up but i have the original if you need it

    [SourceMod] froze The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇.

    (TO Admin Only) The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇: on demo
    (TO Admin Only) The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇: this isnt a crouch spot
    *SPEC* [pF] The Real Gingerbread Man : run forward keddy
    (TO Admin Only) The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇: ill be sure to post this demo of you ginger
    *SPEC* [pF] The Real Gingerbread Man : yes
    (TO Admin Only) The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇: you have to get a right angle
    STFU... my moms sleeping : i heard attax got his acount hakced
    [pF] The Real Gingerbread Man : its a crouch spot asshole
    The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇 : dam i thought i was a zombie lol
    [SourceMod] Silenced The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇.
    t(-_-t) killed The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇 with zombie_claws_of_death.
    Strith : !ztele
    (Admin) [pF] The Real Gingerbread Man: keddy also post the demo
    (TO Admin Only) The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇: k i got screenshots too when you slap me off a ledge without warning
    (TO Admin Only) The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇: on wtfhax
    [pF] The Real Gingerbread Man : good. post them all.
    (TO Admin Only) The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇: have fun losing your $15 on every month you spent on this server
    [pF] The Real Gingerbread Man : lemme know when you post it.
    (TO Admin Only) The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇: im registering on the site now
    [pF] The Real Gingerbread Man : good!
    (TO Admin Only) The KeddyBear 传 pF 奇: okay you admin abuser racist
    [pF] The Real Gingerbread Man : i will be the first to post in your thread. hell want me to make the thread
  13. May 31, 2008
    i actually think he is 2/2

    the admin didn't warn him according to the logs and the crouch spot isn't even a crouch spot?

    oh boy zombie mod drama is exciting!

    also he said the n word and is now trying to cover for it! laughingelf.jpg
  14. Jun 5, 2010

    He never said it was illegal. thats the thing with Gingerbread, is that he never warns. he just punishes

    put the admin logs on Pastebin so we can all see the full admin logs, then press ctrl + f (find) and start typing his name in...

    scroll through all the admin commands he has used. and its all slaps. kicks. fires. launches.

    never any warnings
  15. May 27, 2008

    turns out you did some shooping there kid, enjoy your ban! Hope you had fun on our server!
  16. Apr 9, 2007
    Was never said, Photoshopping pictures suck.
    KeddyBear/KeViN's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:17825709

    Do whatever you want to do with it, :locked:

    EDIT: CAN WE GET SOME DECENT FORUM SOFTWARE? Christ it wont even keep my layout...

    EDIT2: Haplo: He's banned in game.

    EDIT3: Rets: hes banned from life.
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