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undiscretionory admin abuse

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by hemen, Feb 25, 2011

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  1. Feb 25, 2011
    Dear forum hearers,
    First of all, I like to say I like your server very much and I am appalled by the action of the admin. The admin [PF] | =(E)=™AKADEMIKZ have continually and insistently claim that I was chat spaming, which in my part I considered to be false. I send a message to my fellow gamers that we should change the map and press rtv. I have not persistently annoyed anyone or the matter of fact broke rules intentionally. I used !report message to report a person who was persistently mic spaming and using religious remarks that were offensive, however all ignored. If I have done any fault in this matter then please tell me the reasons why I have done so wrongly and lift the intention ban that AKADEMIKZ has put on. Please consider because undiscretionary muting and baning should be stop. If not, then no one will ever hear of using plaguefest servers freely without being consistently, undiscretionarily be abused at the power of the admins.
    Thank you, CSS hemen2
  2. Feb 25, 2011
    sorry about that sir, but the proof is not reachable because I have been kicked and cannot get anywhere near the server to bring out a substantial proof. But all I ask is to unlift the ban that AKADEMIKZ has put on.
  3. Sep 5, 2010
    I was there, you were mic spamming. Akademikz warned you multiple times. You are either delirious or thinking that he was the only admin on and making this up. I might be wrong but i dont remember anyone using religious remarks....
  4. Jun 4, 2006
    You weren't even banned for chat spam, this is another issue altogether. However, you were banned for the following:

    <`ZE> hemen2 (STEAM_0:0:35232128) has reported [pF] Akademikz (STEAM_0:1:454964) for Racism

    L 02/25/2011 - 22:35:28: [basecommands.smx] "[pF] Akademikz<25><STEAM_0:1:454964><>" kicked "hemen2<101><STEAM_0:0:35232128><>" (reason ""inappropriate use of !report"")

    <`ZE> hemen2 (STEAM_0:0:35232128) has reported Jacoobisun (STEAM_0:0:23043594) for Mic spamming
    <`ZE> hemen2 (STEAM_0:0:35232128) has reported [GTX]Seeker[pF] (STEAM_0:0:1543637) for Racism

    Your only report that was CLOSE to being legit was the mic spam one. The other two for "racism" were against admins and they were not being racist, nor were they making any comments even remotely close to racism, prejudice, or discrimination. We take all reports seriously and when someone shoves false ones in our faces we don't take too kindly to it. You were warned about abusing the !report system when you were kicked yet you continued to abuse it when you reported Seeker.

    I have unbanned you but do not continue to abuse !report - use it only for players that are indeed breaking the server rules.
  5. Feb 25, 2011
    Yes, mic spamming is the wrong use here. Chat spamming was what AKADEMIKZ was trying to get to. But even if I was chat spamming, how do you know that I took it too far? I have not use foul language or repeatedly assualted an admin. All I did was talking to my fellow gamers to change the map. If I cannot say one word in this server then why was the only getting ban? Also religious remark was clearly made since people claim that God hates people and also that my God was killed. If that is not abuse then why are you even an admin? Dont talk if you have no accusation against a rightous man.
    Thank you
  6. Sep 22, 2010
    So what exactly did I say?
    Any proofs of exactly what I said that has anything related to religion or racial remarks?

    So far I've heard only of false reports and have took action against you for that. Banning you? No I didn't ban you either.

    Stop wasting my time.
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