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What do you think of the Server?

Discussion in Website Feedback & Bugs started by ck27, Jan 2, 2007

What do you think of the server?

Its perfect and needs no improvement 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Its the best server out there but it needs improvement 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Its neutral with other servers but needs alot of improvement 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Its worse than most servers 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Needs alot of improvement 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Dec 30, 2006
    Please submit what you want to be fixed. We want this to be the best server out there.
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    Remember to post here with your suggestions.
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    dont really know how you could do this for free but set the priority to high on the computer that running it.( Im aware that its Linux but you can set it some how) and it really starts to lag after it hits 35 players and higher i get pings of 200-245 and i get about 1-3 packets lost.
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    I wouldn't set it to high. I would set it to always above normal. But never high.

    Go for it Cam.
  5. Jan 3, 2007
    Need more zomb hp because of campers and something to help stop zombs from camping the spawn area like an autoslap (if no admin) or temporary invisability for humans.
  6. Jan 3, 2007
    If you brought down the overall amount of people in the server at one time, say 30-35 that may help with the lag that I experienced the other day.
  7. Dec 30, 2006
    The autoslap thing im not sure if that can even be done but i dont know cam or aceros can answer that. Im all for giving zombies more health but no one else agrees :razz:.

    Typhoon its only on certain maps that it lags really bad with those amount of players. Im gonna talk to aceros about getting them removed no matter how good of maps they are. That is what i have noticed anywayz.
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    We are working to resolve this.
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    I say we just take simpsons out altogether. I dislike that map, a bit. Not much. Just a bit.
  10. Dec 30, 2006
    Well if we could get a map editior we could edit all these maps to make them better for zombie mod and for our server. :S i like the simpsons if only we could get rid of that saucer and treehouse. :frown:
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    Where did Timmy go, anyways?
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    make physics lower for gun push.. when u shoot machines and other physics guns push way to hard and zombies can barly move them at all with their move funtion also add anything that will help zombies from spawn camping its quite annoying hmm what else can i think of? i also am one of the laggers but i start to lag at 25 players but thats not you its my computer the 33ticrate server could get fixed up to 66tic atleast would help it out a lot... well i will get back to this forum after playing in the server a lot more
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    rofl @ 33tic to 66tic being better.
  14. Jan 6, 2007
    well, as a new member i want to make my point in this. I want to see more kicking or bannings of spawn campers. It's very irritating to me aswell of others and it's just plain stupid. They need to learn how to play the game right and dont sit at the spawn point. but for the map Dark City the zombies kind of cant help "spawn camping" because Terrorists and Counter-terrorists sit inside the walls between the buildings and that so happens to be most of the time right next to the spawn. but as for the other servers it's totally un-called for and retarded. So yea I would like to see action taken.

    your fellow member,
    The Wombat :razz:
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    We're going to try and avoid spawn camping more than kick/ban for it, but it can be done.
  16. Jan 6, 2007
    Turn off unlimited ammo it lags the servers since everyone spams it, change the max amount of ammo on each gun to 1000, reduce rifle damage, and thats about it.
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    I've considered putting limited ammo back in, like 1000 rounds with 200 round clips or something, and increasing the zombie health a bit.

    But then, unlimited ammo is one of the things that sets this server apart from the rest.
  18. Jan 6, 2007
    There are reasons why other servers don't use unlimited ammo, and the thing I like most about your server is the respawn script, which reminds me, you might want to change the buy time to the length of the round.

    And 200/1000 sounds great to me.
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    Ah, I never thought of that being the cause...

    Changed the buytime, cheers.
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    Buytime has always been a problem and I addressed it on the ZM forums only to be hit with a "no solution" response from c0ld (then again he said editing the mod is impossible, ahem, Cam) haha