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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by pLaYdGhBoY, Mar 30, 2008

  1. Jan 22, 2007
    So I was doing my nightly browsing of the interwebs, and was brought to Wikipedia, which is often the case. And I caught myself thinking, 'Why don't we have a wiki entry?'.

    Sauce wrote a pretty good history of PlagueFest. Why not make our own little Wikipedia page? If we can make it redirect from Counter Strike and Zombie Mode that's gonna bring in some good traffic, eh?

    Also doesn't hurt to have some free global advertising. What do the powers that be think of this idea?
  2. Jan 7, 2008
    well i think its a good idae :biggrin:
  3. Mar 12, 2008
    More members? nice. :smile:

    Active members? can't promise that :frown:

    we need MOAR ACTIVE members :grin:
  4. Jan 22, 2007
    Quick update, got the page there at least with the history of PF thanks to Sauce Helmet and Lazy. Feel free to edit and make it better!

    I',m a bit under the weather right now so I'm not gonna do much more tonight. But tomorrow it will be edited extensively.
  5. Mar 15, 2008
    The More The better if you ask me. If they follow the rules and enforce them That is awesome. And Ive also started to post more. =P