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Discussion in Admin Abuse started by JD­, Jul 20, 2010

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    I just posted about this yesterday here look


    Now look here josh blew me up, Please tell all the admins this place is legal. Half them don't even know and just kill us.

  2. Mar 16, 2008
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    I was shooting the green thing and the thread says its legal. This is why this spot needs to be reviewed.
  4. Mar 16, 2008
    The spot is legal, glitching inside a prop isn't.
    This thread is the Admin Abuse Section so you clearly didn't read the rules or look up who I am.
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    How is it glitching I was shooting the bottom of it I was not inside the green thing. When people pull it out you shoot the bottom to bring it back in.
  6. Mar 16, 2008
    You're shooting the prop from inside it to prevent it from moving, you aren't being forced to shoot zombies because you're trying to hold a prop in place. That's glitching in our books. If you want me to call it something else and add it to the rules, i'm down.
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    This needs to be added to the rules. This is what I was talking about yesterday you can hold yourself in by shooting the bottom.
  8. Mar 16, 2008
    You were inside the prop. pretty simple.

    Oh yeah! it's already located here

  9. May 27, 2008
    If Josh says it's illegal, then its illegal. Don't question it and don't fight it, you won't win.
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    No, You don't get inside of it, you can go try it alone you just leave space for yourself.

    But then it is still glitching so it is illegal right?

    The thread I posted in yesterday everyone says that it is legal but its glitching... So should be illegal. But I was told it was legal.. And it goes around in a circle all day long.

    Josh can you post in the other thread saying that the spot is illegal. And move my thread/delete.
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    I want it to be illegal you can not lose in there. I was not fighting I was just showing that it was 50/50 illegal / legal by other admins
  12. Mar 16, 2008
    I'm the top, I say it's illegal. It's illegal...
    Holding a prop by shooting is legal but if you're inside the prop it's illegal and you were inside of it, I checked before I killed you.
  13. Oct 22, 2007
    Wasn't there but confused on this whole matter. Wouldn't it just be able to get rid of the spot instead, due to the fact that people are gonna pull it in as far as they can every time. This isn't something new here, people are gonna do what they can get away with.

    Anyhow going back to bfbc2 now, good day...
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    Well I was trying no to be inside the prop.

    When you are in there you can tell when you are not in it, but on your screen I guess it shows as I was inside.

    But anyways can this spot be illegal?
  15. Mar 16, 2008
    The spot is legal, it's on a lot of maps and this is the only map that I know of that has a prop like this in-front of it. People only go to it because they think they'll get away with it or they saw someone else do it first.
    The prop makes it illegal.
  16. Dec 30, 2006
    ohhh la la it's getting steamy in here.
  17. Jun 4, 2006
    whoa ego. big man on campus!
  18. Dec 30, 2006
  19. Jan 5, 2007
    Not trying to spoil your fun or anything Josh, but it's still possible to get through the green cabinet even if they are glitching/shooting it to hold it there. You just don't see it often because some people swarm like lemmings and don't know how to work as a team. :rolleyes:
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