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x mas presents

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by killme, Dec 25, 2007

  1. Dec 21, 2007
    i got

    $250 bestbuy gift card

    $90 mall gift card

    $50 itunes cards

    few shirts from ae

    few simpsons seasons

    a boomchair

    and a few 360 games

    What did you get?
  2. Feb 8, 2007
    i got a rock. not diamond just a plain old rock <_<
  3. Feb 21, 2007
    dress clothes (shirt, tie, pants) cuz I have to dress professionally everyday for my rotations. gift card to hyvee, and to target. some misc stuff too
  4. Posts
    Gee, I wonder...

    M40 Gas Mask (Army Issue)
    BlackHawk HellStorm Aviator Flight Gloves.
    Gas Mask Pouch
    Tan Combat Boots (Army Issue)
    A new Sony Digital Camera
    Some Aeropostale clothes
  5. Apr 9, 2007
    Bathrobe, snowboarding helmet (I'm going to attempt it again).
  6. Jul 31, 2007
    A dremel kit (Those little handheld drills, dead useful)

    6 M4 magpuls

    £150 ($300) towards my new STAR SCAR-L

    Some Molle pouches

    Chocolates (Bleh x.x)

    A new soduku book

    A big fleece blanket

    Oh yea, and the promise my dad will turn a room into my own workshop.
  7. Feb 1, 2007
    Money towards the car which I bought.
  8. Dec 21, 2007
    Ya when i get a new car my parents are going to pay half for it.
  9. Dec 30, 2006
    What did i get for christmas? 45 dollars thats it. And a pair of pajamas.
  10. Oct 19, 2007
    I got a $25 gift card to EB Games (which I used to pay for half of CoD4), Metalocalypse Season 1, some random crap, a card that said I do not get any presents because I have been an asshole this year with Santa flicking me the bird, and ythen some monies that may buy a book next semester (YAY!).
  11. Jun 29, 2007