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Discussion in Completed Maps started by GiGaBiTe, Dec 31, 2016

  1. Mar 26, 2009
    I've had lots of requests for updating this map to fix some bugs and make it smaller, so here's a new release after about a week of work on and off.

    - To make the map more playable with small player numbers, the map has been partitioned into three stages, which are unlocked based on player count (like the Zelda map.) 0-15 players locks out the garage, part of T spawn garage, the third floor and outside. 16-31 players opens up the previous areas except for outside and 32+ players opens up the entire map.

    - Moved spawn points around to accommodate map partitions.
    - Fixed crates in T spawn garage so they can be jumped on properly from the ground.
    - Added alternate entrance to fenced skybox area.
    - Added alternate entrance to room adjacent to T spawn hall to make it easier for zombies.
    - Fixed all props in the map being too light, they should behave normally now.
    - Added missing env_cubemaps to 3rd floor.
    - Various texture alignment fixes.
    - Fixed some bad looking shadows.
    - Added old style pole button for vending machine with a hidden button at the base to assist in unsticking it.
    - Added sound to vending machine when it hits a surface.

    http://number-7.com/index.php?dir=source/counter-strike:source/zombie mod/0-9/&file=zm_3dubka_v3b.7z
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    • Aug 7, 2012
      Can this be unlocked by admins or is it a hard limit?
    • Mar 26, 2009
      It's a hard limit, I never thought about making an override.
    • Aug 7, 2012
      no worries, the zelda map had an override but if it's a hard limit on the map that's cool too :grin:
    • Mar 8, 2013
      do pF higher ups have things like forceinput available to them?

      also, somewhat relatedly, why isn't the Stripper plugin on the server? that way you wouldn't have to recompile maps for every minor entity change. especially useful since EntSpied maps now cause issues. a whole world of maps which were previously dismissed due to illegal spots would suddenly become viable additions to the rotation.

      not to go all Joshy on you or anything, but over at G** we admins would go mad without these kinds of entity fuckery tools. :razz:
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      • Apr 9, 2007
        Increases level change times by at least 25%.