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Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by LadyMoOnLiGht, Dec 20, 2010

  1. Oct 10, 2010
    i am about to rebuild this map,
    any wishes/suggestions?

    already done:

    clipped pipes
    opened all areas in Mall


    redo Soccer field
    add new area somewhere
  2. May 27, 2008
    I love you so hard.
  3. Oct 10, 2010
    thank you for this, but you have any suggestions?
  4. May 27, 2008
    Well there's nothing really to add or take away from it. It's an amazing map and I never see it being played, but if I recall there was one place where a truck had boxes in it that were considered a crouch spot.. can you confirm its there and fix it?
  5. Oct 10, 2010
    yes i know this Truck spot
    this needs a PF special fix

    but i do this later on
  6. Oct 10, 2010
    one of our admins now edit this map
    just wait for he is done ...

    let us suprise