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Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Brian, Dec 1, 2007

  1. Jun 4, 2006
    Alright so, zm_simple is a map I'm working on, going to be relatively medium sized with 64 spawns and a simple layout (hence the name)

    32 terrorist spawns are on one side of the rectanglish-shaped map, and 32 CT spawns are on the other side. When everyone spawns and the round starts, the 2 sides rush towards the center to get to their favorite places and wait to defend the zombies.

    I'm coming up short with ideas though, right now I just have shit such as the outline of the map, the skybox, spawns, and lighting. No objects have been created, I could just have the map be a big square, I get 700 FPS on just that, oh boy!

    If you guys have any ideas I'd love to hear them because I'm coming up short, I don't want it to just be like.. a bunch of boxes in the middle... so, not sure what I'm going to do to make it fun to play on.

    Suggestions? (Keep in mind I'm a beginner I probably won't be able to do insanely complex shit)
  2. Feb 3, 2007
    Great idea sauce.. We could maybe make the map an abandoned city ya know.. Khaos all around you.. Cars burning w.e but also keeping on the soft light texture size etc.