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Zombie Spawn Idea

Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by obZen, Aug 9, 2009

  1. Aug 1, 2009
    I don't even know if this is possible, but it's an idea none the less:

    When the first zombies turn at the start of every round, have them automatically teleported back to spawn. This would prevent "back-stabbing" from happening.

    It would remove the fear of traveling in large groups.

    Good idea, or would this make it too easy for the humans?
  2. Mar 16, 2008
    I've done this in the past. I got alot of negative feedback that it was too hard for the zombies though. People don't mind it until they are the zombie. If we ever get the ZE server back up, ill be doing that on that server. faster spawn time so they don't have to have an impossible amount to run.
  3. Apr 4, 2009
    the good thing about zombies spawning in cades is

    1. it gets rid of over crowed spots that get near impossible for zombies to reach (fire bridge on baseday)

    2. it adds to the zombie #'s at the start of the round

    i think its fine the way it is
  4. Jul 17, 2009
    I agree with obzen that people can be douches, but I also agree that if they were teleported, there would be fail zombs the entire round. So I do understand the need for them to not be teleported.

    So just hide with people that aren't douches :grin:.

    Or have a nade ready just in case. Not that it will necessarily get them all out of where you are, but getting naded is one of the most annoying things on zm.
  5. Aug 1, 2009

    nades are another issue entirely.

    if i'm sitting there with a nade cocked and ready to throw, if i throw it when a zombie changes, and i get turned, by god i want that nade to still go off and catch that muthafucker on fire.
  6. Jul 17, 2009
    Agreed. It's homo how if you throw a nade and are tagged before it goes off, it doesn't do shit. Wth.
  7. Jul 14, 2008
    isnt backstabbing part of the fun?
    I like the fact that you don't know if another human around you is gonna turn into a zombie. It keeps you on the edge.

    I also like the way grenades work. If you look at it from the zombie side, whenever u stab a human that just threw a nade u dont have to burn for 10 seconds. And u can stab others humans around them without the annoying fire. It's like a reward for being faster than the human
  8. Mar 16, 2008
    sounds to me like latino wants me to throw a grenade at him when ever I see him :grin:
  9. Aug 1, 2009

    that could have been arranged last night.

    playing the map "complex" about 5 people camped spawn, constantly rebuying nades.

    much insanity ensued.
  10. Aug 8, 2008
    that's illegal I think?

    Yeah, the nades piss me off.
    but then wouldn't you catch on fire too?
  11. Aug 1, 2009
    I'm vindictive enough that I wouldn't care :thumbsup:
  12. Aug 8, 2008
    Yeah, but I don't know if they can even set the nades up to do that. Maybe cut nade time down alittle so you aren't on fire that long.
  13. Mar 12, 2008
    im posting my trick for everyone to try :razz:

    a nade will explode a few seconds after you send it packing. basic, right?

    however, if you bounce it off a wall/floor/roof near you, it will go off a split-second sooner, and that difference will decide if you survive or not.

    it is best to not throw it straight down, because it goes much slower than if you do a straight throw. if you see a zombie coming, and you are running backwards for example, aim at the floor, and at the zombie. try and figure out the trajectory. if you do it right, you will bounce the nade off of the floor, and in front of the zombie blowing them backwards, and make it go off at that split-second sooner.

    a nice little trick that i find works pretty well if you do it right.

    you see people do fail nades because they aim downwards, and it takes 1 second to hit the ground. My way, it contacts a surface sooner and explodes sooner.

    mp5/228 forever.

    -- taters.

    p.s.: if you buy armor as a human, and turn into a zombie-- your armor will burn first, then your health will. i think you can also run around at full speed as long as you have armor still. but untill you run out, then you will be affected by the flame.
  14. Aug 8, 2008
    I'll try that, I normally bounce it infront of me as I run and let it go off behind me, normally between me and the zombie.(sending them back)

    For your trick I'll give you a bind('cause I don't know if you haz one.)
    bind l "buy p228; buy vesthelm; buy mp5navy; buy hegrenade; buy nvgs" <-- just enter into console.
    simple zombie loadout. :wink:
  15. Aug 1, 2009
    I'm starting to like the 5/7 a bit more. It's not the best gun for solo work, but dead accurate for shooting zombies in the head without shooting your own 'cade.