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Admin FAQ's

Jun 15, 2017
  • Here you can find general information & frequently asked questions regarding admin abilities.

    How do I obtain server admin?(top)

    Server admin can be obtained via a subscription. For details see http://plaguefest.com/help/upgrades

    How do I add my Steam ID to my forum account?(top)

    See How do I add my Steam ID to my forum account tutorial.

    What's included in a server admin subscription?(top)

    In addition to the admin commands outlined on Admin Levels & admin specific skins, server admins also receive all the perks outlined on the Donator FAQ's

    What are the levels of admin and their abilities?(top)

    See Admin Levels.

    How do I get promoted to the next admin level?(top)

    As a Plague Fest admin, you have the ability to earn promotions in which you are awarded more powers & responsibilities for doing well as a server admin and member of this community. If you feel you're mature and can handle more responsibilities as you progress as an admin, you may open a private promotion request thread in the Promotion Requests section of the forums. The promotion guidelines are located there, review them to ensure you include the appropriate information in your promotion thread.

    When is a good time to perform map changes?(top)

    If there are other admins on the server, consult with them before changing maps. If you are the only admin on the server, map changes should only occur when there are less than 5 minute remaining before the end of the map. It is not proper to simply change maps if you do not like the choice. It is best to have the players RTV the map if you want it changed immediately. Keep in mind that Sr. Admins have the ability to override map changes or votes if it is deemed improper.

    When should beacons be used?(top)

    When a beacon is requested by a human player, it is at the discretion of the admin to fulfill that request. If that player is turned into a zombie, it is that admin's responsibility to disable their beacon. We do not want beacons on zombies since the point of enabling a beacon on a player is to alert zombies to humans. Alerting a zombie to another zombie's location is counter to the progress of the game.

    When there are multiple admins on, who should handle the rule breakers?(top)

    The admin who issues the first verbal or text warning to that individual is responsible for the escalation procedures. Do not interfere with that admin when they are performing their duty. Multiple admin participation leads to confusion and conflicts with the enforcement procedures.

    Are we allowed to kick spectators if the server is full?(top)

    No. We have an AFK Manager which will move AFK's to spectate and then kick them when appropriate. Admins do not need to worry about this. We want active participation in the game but we also want to maintain a full server at the same time. In order to achieve both goals, we developed the AFK manager. Admins and Donators are exempt from being removed while AFK in spectate.