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Donator FAQ's

Oct 18, 2015
  • Plague Fest Donator Membership has its Privileges:
    • As a Donator, you'll be able to nominate your favorite map for every map change.
    • Access to Custom Skins only available to Donators and Admins.
    • Reserved Slot will get you in even when the server is full!
    • Immunity from being kicked to make room for other donators or admins.
    • Immunity from being kicked for high ping.
    • Immunity from country-wide mutes.
    • Colored Chat Customization:

    By using the custom human skins, you will have:
    • No Fall Damage - You can fall from a cliff or top of a building and will not suffer any damage (only applicable on the Zombie servers).
    • Enhanced Jump - Slightly higher and further jumping ability allowing you access to places where other humans would require a boost (only applicable on the Zombie servers).
    • Enhanced Speed - Slightly faster running speed to run away from zombies or get to barricade spots quicker. (only applicable on the Zombie Mod servers - not Zombie Escape).

    By using the custom zombie skins, you will have:
    • Rapid Health Regeneration - Your health regenerates many times faster than a normal zombie.
    • Enhanced Jump - Slightly higher and further jumping ability.

    Here you can find general donator FAQ's and guides related to using some of the perks that come with Admin & Donator subscriptions.

    How do I obtain Donator?(top)

    Donator can be obtained via a subscription. For details see http://plaguefest.com/help/upgrades

    I just got donator - when are my perks activated?(top)

    Donator perks are activated on the next map change for each server.

    How do I add my Steam ID to my forum account?(top)

    See How do I add my Steam ID to my forum account tutorial.

    How do I make use of my new skins?(top)

    See How to Use Your Skins

    How do I make use of my reserved slot?(top)

    See How to Use Your Reserved Slot

    How do I change the color of my chat text?(top)

    Type !cmenu in-game in chat and a menu will appear where you can select a color of your choice.

    How do I enable Console?(top)

    See How to Enable Console

    How do I choose or nominate maps?(top)

    As a donator subscriber you have the ability to choose the maps that will appear on the voting list. In order to select the map of your choice, simply type nominate in chat. You can then choose your favorite map to be included in the next map vote.

    When do map votes occur?(top)

    The voting for the next map will occur when there are 4 minutes left on the current map. Make sure you nominate a map before the 4 minute mark and voting begins.

    What skins are available in-game?(top)

    See Skins Available

    What are country-wide mutes?(top)

    At Plague Fest we get a lot of players from around the world, which can lead to mic spam issues where languages other than English are spoken on the mic, which is against server rules. Only English can be spoken on the mic, however any language can be written in chat.

    Due to the mic spam issues, we maintain a voice filter, or whitelist. This is a list of all the countries that are allowed to use voice chat in our servers. We are continually adding countries to this list in order to allow as many English-speaking players as possible the ability to use their mics and voice chat with other players.

    If you are from a country that is not currently added to our whitelist, you have two options in order to use your mic and voice chat with other players:
    1. Option #1: Open up a thread in our Help Desk, requesting that your country be added to our whitelist. The title should be something along the lines of "Add Country to voice whitelist", where Country is the country you are from. Your request will be reviewed by the Plague Fest management and if it is deemed that the players from your country know English well enough, then your country will be added to our whitelist.
    2. Option #2: Get yourself Donator and you will be immune to country-wide mutes. You will be able to use your mic to voice chat with other players regardless of if your country is added to our voice whitelist or not.
    We prefer you go with option #1 first, as we would rather allow as many English-speaking players as possible the ability to use their mics and voice chat with other players. However, if your request is denied, option #2 is always available.

    What do you mean by "no fall damage"?(top)

    No fall damage is exactly as it sounds. Normally when you fall from heights the human character sustains damage depending on how far you fall. The further you fall the more damage you sustain until you reach a point where the fall can spell doom for your character. However with no fall damage you will not sustain any damage no matter how high or far you fall. This can be a great advantage during game play.

    What is "enhanced jump"?(top)

    Enhanced jump allows you to jump slightly higher and farther than normal characters. This advantage allows you to jump on top of objects that would normally require a boost by other individuals, thus giving you an advantage.

    What is "rapid regeneration"?(top)

    Rapid regeneration is a feature reserved for zombies on our Zombie Mod servers. It allows zombies to regenerate their health at an exponential rate. This feature dramatically increases survivability over normal zombies.
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