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How to Bind Keys

Jan 23, 2012
  • Binding keys in CS:S allows you to execute console commands by hitting a button or key. This can be extremely useful for executing commonly used commands, such as opening the admin menu.

    Prerequisite: You must have console enabled. If you are unsure, see How to Enable Console.

    To bind a key, open console with the ~ key. When binding a key you always start with the word "bind" followed by the key you want to use, followed by the command you want that key to execute. For example, if I wanted to bind my F8 key to my admin menu, I would type: bind F8 "sm_admin" - now every time I hit F8, the command sm_admin will execute, and thus open the admin menu.

    It's always a good practice to put the command in quotes, this ensures it will execute everything you want. A good example for this would be chat binds.

    An example of a chat bind would be: bind p "say This is a bind!" - every time you hit p you will say "This is a bind!" via chat.

    This covers the very basics of key binding in Counter-Strike: Source.