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How to Record a Demo

Jan 24, 2012
  • A demo in Counter-Strike: Source is a .dem file that acts as a recording of what transpires in-game. This can be useful for gathering evidence against another player, such as a hacker.

    To record a demo, open console and type the following command: record DemoName - replacing DemoName with a name that fits whatever the intention of the recording is.

    For example, if I want to make a demo of a potential hacker, I'll just use the hackers name: record h4x0rb0b

    This will create a file called h4x0rb0b.dem inside your /cstrike/ directory. This file can then be uploaded to the forums to share with others or attached to a SourceBans ban.

    To stop a recording, simply type stop in console.

    To watch a demo, open console and type play DemoName - again, replacing DemoName with the name of the .dem file you recorded.

    This covers the very basics of recording demos in Counter-Strike: Source