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Oct 9, 2016

  • How do I add my Steam ID to my forum account?(top)

    If you don't already have a PlagueFest.com account, you can make one by registering normally, or choosing Sign in through STEAM, in which case your Steam ID will be added to your account automatically upon creation.

    If you already have a PlagueFest.com account, log in and go to the Steam Integration section of your account settings. Once there click "associate with steam". This will take you to Steam Community where you can log in with your Steam account. After doing so you will be redirected back to PlagueFest.com where you will need to enter your forum account password to complete the process.

    Note: If you registered / log in to your PlagueFest.com account via Twitter, Facebook, or Google, then you will need to request a password in order to associate your Steam ID with your account. Before attempting to 'Sign in through Steam', go to your Account Security settings and have a password emailed to you. Afterward you may 'Sign in through Steam' and associate your Steam ID with your current PlagueFest.com account using the password that was mailed to you.

    How do I crop my avatar?(top)

    To crop your avatar, go to your profile or the personal details section of your account settings, and click on your current avatar. This will open an overlay, in that overlay you can upload a new avatar and crop it using the area in the top right seen below:

    How do I restore disabled notices?(top)

    If you've disabled a notice you'd like to see again, you can reset all disabled notices here via your preferences in your account settings.

    The text colors of my posts or posts I read keep changing, what is this? Can it be disabled?(top)

    What you're noticing is our Text Color Converter. It converts colors that are deemed either too light or too dark and difficult to read, into a darker or lighter shade of the original color. If you would like to disable this for any reason, though we don't recommend it, head over to your preferences and ensure Text Color Converter is set to Disable

    How do I tag other users?(top)

    To tag a user, type @ followed by their username. Ex: @Username
    Doing so will alert the tagged user of your post. Please use tags appropriately, if we see users tagging a bunch of users in a single post for no apparent reason or similar you will be warned and/or suspended.

    I keep receiving alerts notifying me of unread replies to threads. How do I disable this?(top)

    You're receiving these alerts because you are currently watching threads. When you create or reply to a thread, it is automatically added to your watched threads list, which can be viewed here: Unread Watched Threads or All Watched Threads

    If you would like to keep this behavior but you don't want to receive alerts about replies to watched threads, you can disable the feature in your Alert Preferences - uncheck the checkbox next to "Replies to a watched thread" (seen below):

    ss (2014-07-24 at 075924)

    If you would like to disable automatic watching of threads you create or reply to (some users may want to manually select what threads they watch instead), you can disable this behavior in your Preferences - uncheck the checkbox next to "Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply..." (seen below):

    ss (2014-07-24 at 080230)